Once considered only good enough to be a blending varietal and mass-planted for this purpose, Carignan is now enjoying its time in the spotlight. Dedicated winemakers in a handful of countries are resurrecting this varietal through sustainable and dry-farming methods with the utmost respect for almost century-old vines. The care and attention these vines receive comes through as one drinks this red-fruit, fruit forward, medium-bodied wine. With notes of raspberry and baking spices and medium-to-high acidity and alcohol, Carignan is accessible and well-balanced. Pairing this wine with food is where the grace of the this grape really shines. As a food wine, it goes well with bigger and bolder foods or lighter fare where it can coax out the dish’s nuanced flavors. Our collection of Carignan here at FLG Terroir has been meticulously curated to ensure your experience with this varietal is nothing short of dreamy. We currently have two Carignan wines by the glass on our menu: from the Lioco Wine Company in Mendocino and Les Hérétiques from Languedoc-Roussillon. At such a reasonable price-point, this wine may replace your go-to for all things red. We’d encourage you to come in for a glass and leave with a bottle. In addition, this varietal just happens to be the star of this month’s “Small Plate Pairing Event” on Tuesday, March 19th. If your interest is piqued, head over to our Events page to buy your tickets today.