Introducing our new chef.

Introducing our new chef, Kristen Barnett. I have known Kristen for years and have always enjoyed her passion for food, her good humor and amazing work ethic. We could not be more proud to have her as our new Head Chef at FLG Terroir.

Kristen has been with us since the beginnings of FLG Terroir and is now hard at work developing new recipes and also ensuring that our favorite menu items continue to be presented at the highest level.

First off, we are now getting our oysters flown in overnight direct from Island Creek Oysters. Continuing with our “Savory Belgian Waffles”  concept we now are offering a Chicken Piccata over waffles. We also have our cheese steak and veggie paninis on our regular menu, and a new offering “Blueberry BBQ Pork Waffle Sliders”.

Our “Monthly Wine Pairing Events”  will be back on June 21st with a “Willamette Valley” themed tasting. Tickets will go on sale for this June 9th, when we will also post the menu. So save the date.